Friday, February 12, 2010

More Texas Sunset

One thing I miss about the house I lived in until a few years ago is the fantastic western view -- my ex and I had several acres of land, most of it behind the house, and then the land on the other side of the creek that generally marked our property line was pretty much farm land so we had no houses anywhere near behind us and a mostly unobstructed view to the south and west (other than scrub brush and trees and one house way far off). Where I am now, I have houses behind me to the west, so I can't really get the impromptu sunset photos that I used to. Ah well, such is life.

So I've once again dipped into my well of past sunset photos to bring you these from February 2006. Enjoy!

It's funny, you can tell the second photo belongs with the first one, it's really just a zoomed-in portion taken about 20 seconds later and you can match the clouds up between the two. The third one, however, almost looks like it was taken another day, the clouds are so different. But no, it was the same day, about 20 minutes after the second one was taken; the clouds just changed that much in that amount of time...


Sammy and Andy said...

I can't see sunsets from where I live either, so I really appreciate seeing our beautiful Texas sunsets in the forms of your pics.....thanks.....xxxxxx


Angel and Kirby said...

I too miss the sunsets and sunrises from the porches at the farm! I do get out there from time to time. We love seeing your pictures!

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